My Love Affair with Psoriasis

How do you say goodbye to Psoriasis.  Call it what you like, Tinea, Eczema, Psoriasis or Dermatitis.  When it comes to itchy hot skin, my first thoughts are to scratch my skin until it bleeds.  Just give me an alcoholic drink if you want to meet ‘Spiderwoman’ in person.  The tiny capillaries under my skin will just light up like ‘Father Christmas’.

As a child the itch appear only in my lymph nodes behind my knees and my elbows.  I automatically reached out for the cortisone cream to fix the problem.   I still remember reaching for the ice cubes to cool down the skin.  It was not until whitish scaly sores started to appear on that I knew I had to dig deeper in my search for relief.  This started my journey of introduction to ki energy,  aromatherapy, acupuncture, Chinese herbs, and cortisone tablets.  To name only a few.......

So what is the solution.  The on and off relationship with your red patches can be a life-long journey.  I am sure you have already investigated your environment, the foods you eat, and the medication that you take.   And let us not forget the smorgasbord of alternative treatments available.  If you can, do some form of physical exercise.  The body movements may help your circulation system to remove toxins.

My current form of relaxation and exercise is Tai Chi.  It helps me to move into a relaxing meditation to empty my mind.  I use Tai Chi to surf the waves of energy around me.  Croquet helps me to take my mind of all those things that I do on my computer.   It helps me to sharpen my awareness, to pick up nuances of my opponent, and to strategically position myself for the next move. 

Eliminating Psoriasis is a bit like trying to get rid of stress.  What is your body trying to tell you.  What new tools do you have to arm yourself with.  Keep searching if your body is still dis-ease and spitting out the toxins through your skin.  Recharge your thinking cap to look at other ways to go deeper in your listening skills with your body.  What do you have to consume and change in your life so that your skin no longer throws a tantrum.

I find my body does not take kindly to eating too much salt, sugar or chocolate.  Foods like red peppers and curries are a hot objection, whereas fish and greens are an enjoyable culinary delight.  Before I wash my socks I turn them inside out so that the dead skin cells get washed away.   Look at different ways to sharpen your awareness and your body will talk to you.  It will tell you what it likes to digest and spit out in an irritating manner what you need to stay away from or else.

For each of us our itchy path to non itchiness will take different directions.  It will take effort and lots of determination on your part.  Keep trying out the smorgasbord of different food groups and alternative treatments to say goodbye to your Psoriasis.  
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