Why do people people work from home

Working from home has been a long time occupation for me. The hours are 24, the days are 7. There is no sick leave and no guaranteed income at the end of a hard day's work. The only person I can order around is myself. In fact I take all the risk. And yet I would have it no other way....

Freedom can come at a high price. Especially when one wants to search for the things that they enjoy doing and get paid to do it. Finding that niche that you are good at can be a long journey and why would you persevere. Trust and believe in yourself that you have the strength and integrity within to do what you dream you would like to do.

Close your eyes and look inwards into your imagination. Relax and allow a picture to form of what you want to create and who you would want to be. Now write down where you would like to be in your future. Ask yourself how do you find that thing you want to do. When are you going to take the steps into action to create your little niche.

I sat down and wrote these notes in my pyjamas, sitting on the toilet seat at 2am in the morning. Why I work from home is because it is my choice in picking out my hours of work. I am my own boss and I do not have anyone to tell me what to do and when. Whenever things are not going right, I just take one step back to reflect on the situation. Sometimes I just go and do something entirely different. 

Having a number of outside interests and hobbies are important so that it is not all work and no play. I keep a tally of how much time I spend on the computer and take periodic breaks. At the back of my mind there is a constant reminder to myself for the need to interact with people outside of my home.

Whatever work you do there is always a set of rules to abide by. Find out what game you want to play and the set of rules you are prepared to work with. The rewards are high if you persevere to find your little niche of delight that you enjoy plodding around. What do you love to do. Can you dream it, sleep on it, have a passion and drive for it.  And people call that work... 
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