What Motivates us into Action to obtain our Goals

The motivating factor that drives us into action to reach our goals depends on our belief system.   If you believe it enough you will manifest what you visualise and attract what you want to you.  Others believe that the mind will manifest what you want and make it happen.  The major problem is that we all assimilate information differently.  Our learning preference tends to favour one of four personality types.

The first personality type is auditory.  This person wants the facts and needs to understand the situation before moving into action.  The second personality type is more sensitive in nature.  They need a feeling for what they want to obtain and will communicate more by sensation.  Being a patient person this feeler will not be rushed into making a decision until it feels right for them.

The third personality type will process information through an inner knowing.  They tend to skip the facts, the sensations and the big picture.  They just know what is happening and will act accordingly.   The fourth personality type is more clairvoyant.  They see details missed out by others.  This person is visual in nature and needs the big picture before taking action.  They tend to go through a checklist before commencing action towards their goals.

The reason why action is so complicated is because we have all four personality types.  How we communicate and take action towards our goals depend on what order we process information.   Before action takes place we need a feeling for every thought or a thought for every feeling.  Our state of consciousness is determined by what Laws of the Universe you believe in.  The Laws of Attraction or the Laws of the Mind.

The Laws of Attraction is about raising your level of energy with exercises like visualisation to change the way you feel and think about your current situation.  What we believe we will attract and create the situation like a self fulfilling prophecy.  The Laws of the mind believe the power to create what we want lies in the mind because existence is mental in nature.  The desire for action originates from the mind involving energy, intent and action.

The truth is if you dig deep enough in your research you will find as many people as you want who will back you in your belief system.   The reverse is also true.  Search hard enough and you will find the same amount of people who will swear that what you believe in does not work.  Does it matter what law of the universe you believe in so long as it works for you.  Try a method any method and if that does not work for you then look at another method in reaching your goal.  The key is action.  There is truth in all things and no one thing holds all the truth.  Remain open to absorb different bits of information and belief systems.

 Being a visual person I tend to feel think then act and favour the laws of attraction as being more effective.
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The intellectual person would tend to think feel then act and more likely to favour the laws of the mind.
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