Renewal of the Soul

When you go to sleep your soul travels and has experiences in other dimensions.  Earth is like a hotel except you check out when you sleep and check back in when you wake up.  The reason the soul travels to other dimensions is because it needs renewal.  Everything you do on the planet is aimed towards your spiritual unfoldment.  The more you understand that you are your feelings, the more you will realise that true freedom is about experiencing just being yourself.

Earth is where souls come together with different states of consciousness to find spiritual fulfilment.  For you to raise your level of awareness your soul needs a physical body to experience different feelings.  Some people get so involved in studying spiritual knowledge that they forget to become involved with life.  If you do not have an organised idea of who you are and where you are going, you will try to escape into an illusion when you encounter pressure.

You need to respect all individuals for where they are at their level of consciousness. Spiritually we all have equal opportunity and no one has all the answers for everyone.  Each person only has all the answers for themselves.  If you try to control others you will drive them away.  As a soul you are here to accomplish a specific mission of becoming more aware.  That desire for more awareness creates the desire to evolve.  In order to incarnate into a body your soul first had an innate desire to grow spiritually. You need an exchange of energy with other people in order to accomplish, be creative and share ideas.

The reason you meet people with different wave lengths of energy is so you can gain experience.  If you feel you are being judged by others it is because you are in the habit of thinking that way yourself.  You will learn more about yourself by relating to other people’s energy patterns.  The areas you need to watch out for are being judgemental, control, devotion and an inflated ego.  The faster you learn the lesson of just being, the more quickly you will evolve.

Anyone who wants something for nothing will soon realise that there is a growing price for every inch of spiritual progress.  When you pass on from earth your energy moves to a level of consciousness with souls of similar pattern.  There will always be souls evolving in and out of the planet.  It may be the first time for a soul or a soul may have returned many times before.  It could take a thousand years for your soul to be reborn or it could take only one day after you pass on.

A lifetime on planet earth is like the blinking of an eye in the universe.  Physically you are here because you need to anchor to a body to innately remember what you know and put your inner knowing into practice.  Spiritually you have the abundance of all the spiritual helpers in the universe that you can ask for guidance.  Being one with all things is like operating out of the love energy that is the good, kind sharing understanding part of you.