Living the Laws of Attraction

I am sure you have had visions of what you want out of life.  If only we could attract just like magic our heart’s desire.  We know we need to set goals, plan out small steps and get ourselves organised to obtain our dreams.  We know attracting the’ laws of attraction’ does require focus and action on our part.  In fact how about thinking, feeling and acting abundant to attract prosperity into your life. 

Ask yourself this ....... how much are you willing to sacrifice to get the very thing that constantly eludes you.  How much research have you done, how many people have you talked to, how many different ways have you approached the task.  Do you feel frustrated with the many challenges that you feel are blocking your path.  What do you need to do to make your dreams, desires and goals become real.  Could it be that your thought process needs to change. 

 As a child I remember I was shaken up when this loud shrilling voice behind me said “don’t put that in your mouth, it is dirty.”   I remember my mother quickly grabbing the penny from my hand and throwing it in the bin.  I did not understand and thought that money must be dirty.  As a consequence I would go out and spend my wages as soon as I received it.  I then wondered why I had so much difficulty in saving money.  In order to change your thought process, you first needed to acknowledge that you have problem and you need help.
To change your reality you first need to recognise that your mind is the seed of your desires.  You need to plant the seed in the ground and nurture it.  Pull out the weeds when required and have patience to watch the plant grow.  How you think, feel and act needs to be on the same wavelength otherwise your little seed will not blossom into a plant and grow flowers.  So what is your focus in life.  What weeds in your strategy do you need to pull out.  What type of plant do you want to grow and what type of manure do you want to feed your little bundle of joy.   Are you prepared to look at your inner circuit board and do some creative rewiring to be more abundant and prosperous. 

When it came to saving up for a deposit for my first home.  I knew it would require a lot of discipline to swap the romantic candle light dinner at restaurants for home cooked sausages and mash potatoes.  You need to ask yourself how much do you want your goal in life and what are you prepared to sacrifice in order to get it.  Why a lot of us become frustrated is because we do not realise that what we are thinking is not in alignment with our behaviour patterns.  We send out mix messages and the universe does not know what it is we want in order to attract it to you.

Believe that you have the power within to change any experience through thought.  It is the way you think that will cause you to behave in the manner that you do.  What you experience is the effect of your behaviour because of your thought process.  If you want to attract into your life the things you want then you need to reprogram your mind.   Most people think in one direction and behave in another direction.  No wonder the laws of attraction get skewed. 

If our behaviour pattern is not in alignment with our thought process, we only end up sabotaging our efforts.  How we think, feel and act needs to be on the same path.  We also need to give ourselves permission to change our mind in the direction we want to go.  Our dreams and goals are not stationery.   In fact focus on unhappiness if that is your state of consciousness and fear the worse.  After all it is you who has control of your thought process.