Regrouping your energy with short articles

Go to the Life Awareness page in face book.  Choose an article to read..  It does not matter which one. With a pen and  paper say to yourself these questions and write down your answers.
Was there anything I did not like about the article
Did anything in the article stand out for me as important
Did I gain anything from reading the article
What did I feel as I was reading the article
What thoughts came to me as I was reading the article

The articles in the Life Awareness page on face book are designed to make you go deep into your honesty about yourself.  They may help you bring to the surface what you think and feel and to take action on your thoughts and feelings.  Find a friend or group of friends you feel you can trust to do these exercises together.  Learn to discover your inner voice with these articles.  Share the exercises with others without judgement.  Being spontaneous in your conversation with these exercises will take you a step forward in empowering you to gain inner confidence.