What You Resist Will Persist

How you look at something will create how you see it.  Your perspective creates your perception.  When you resist a thing like your emotions you grant them life and make them real.  The more you resist your drama the more you plant it firmly in place.  For what you resist will persist.  If you sincerely look at your grief, you will see it for what it is and it will slowly disappear.  How you are being at any given moment will produce your experience.

The length of time you experience your stress depends on how long you choose to hold onto your pain.  Until you can see that what you have gain from your experience is greater than your loss you will remain stuck.  If you do not want that thing you are stuck in to disappear then choose a different feeling.  All thought is creative.  Even a thought that says I do not want something.  If you do not want that thing then don’t give it a second thought.  If you cannot but think about your dilemma then do not resist it.   Look right at your situation and accept the reality of it.  Accept the reality that you control how you feel in any given moment.

It is very difficult to reverse the effects of negative thinking if you keep pounding it into your thoughts.  Your life is not about what your body is doing, yet what your body is doing is a reflection of your life.  What would dictate your choice of thinking is who you think you are and who you choose to be.  There is no such thing as an incorrect path.  It is simply a matter of the speed that you will get there either in this life or some future life.  The point of life is not to get anywhere but to notice that you are already there in the experiencing of it.  However, you may want to choose your path wisely as some paths are more arduous than others.